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The Shape of Water (2017)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on February 1, 2018

Review 123min Genre:       Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance Director:    Guillermo del Toro Cast:         Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Octavia Spencer…and more Writers:     Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor -Synopsis- A ‘Beauty & the Beast’ style fairy-tale about oppression and boundless love set at the height of cold war paranoia in the early 1960’s, when a mute cleaner […]

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on January 1, 2018

Review 115min Genre:        Crime, Drama Director:     Martin McDonagh Cast:          Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell…more Writer:       Martin McDonagh -Synopsis- An implacable and irrepressible small town mother takes on local law enforcement (and much of the community) when they fail to solve the case of her teenage daughter’s brutal murder, in a darkly comedic and […]

The Florida Project (2017)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on November 1, 2017

Review 111min Genre:       Drama Director:    Sean Baker Cast:         Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe…and more Writers:     Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch -Synopsis- A gritty yet comical tale of brazen behaviour and childlike innocence, set the in the seedy live-in motels in the shadow of the Disney Empire and seen through the eyes of an adorably […]

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 30, 2017

Review 120min Genre:       Drama, Mystery, Thriller Director:    Yorgos Lanthimos Cast:         Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan…and more Writers:     Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou -Synopsis- A successful surgeon and family man’s life takes a downward spiral after he’s drawn into the world of a troubled young patient and is forced to make an inconceivable choice . […]

Call Me by Your Name (2017)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 26, 2017

Review 132min Genre:       Drama, Romance Director:    Luca Guadagnino Cast:         Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg…more Writers:     James Ivory and Andre Aciman -Synopsis- During a 1980s summer in small-town northern Italy, a teenager forms a fraternal relationship with an American grad student and researcher who’s come to stay with his family of academics—but this seasonal bond […]

Blade of the Immortal (2017) (Japanese Language)

Posted by Gui on October 14, 2017

Review 140min Genre:     Action, Adventure, Drama Director:  Takashi Miike Cast:       Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki, Sôta Fukushi…and more Writers:   Hiroaki Samura and Tetsuya Oishi -Synopsis- In the hope of regaining his soul and finally achieving inner peace, a skilled but cursed and cranky immortal Samurai agrees to help a young girl avenge her parents, murdered by […]

Brigsby Bear (2017)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 7, 2017

Review 97min Genre:       Comedy, Drama Director:    Dave McCary Cast:         Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, Ryan Simpkins…and more Writers:     Kyle Mooney and Kevin Costello… and more -Synopsis- James’s life is pretty simple, having grown up in isolation and cultivated an obsession with his beloved kid’s TV show and its star ‘Brigsby Bear’. But when the dark truth […]

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Posted by Gui on October 6, 2017

Review 163min Genre:       Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller Director:    Denis Villeneuve Cast:         Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas…and more Writers:     Hampton Fancher, Michael Green and Philip K. Dick -Synopsis- Thirty years after the hunt for three Replicants through the futuristic streets of L.A. plunged him into an existential crisis, vanished former ‘Blade Runner’ Deckard is tracked […]

IT (2017)

Posted by Gui on September 9, 2017

Review 135min Genre:       Drama, Horror, Thriller Director:    Andy Muschietti Cast:         Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard…and more Writers:     Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, Stephen King… and more -Synopsis- When the children of Derry Maine start to mysteriously disappear, a group of 80s teenage outcasts are terrorised and hunted by a supernatural sinister being who takes the […]

A Ghost Story (2017)

Posted by Gui on August 11, 2017

Review 92min Genre:     Drama, Romance Director:  David Lowery Cast:       Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, Sonia Acevedo…and more Writer:    David Lowery -Synopsis- A young woman, struggling with the recent loss of her husband, is visited by his white sheet-covered spirit as he becomes a guardian of memories and a spectral observer to the her life (and others) […]

The Big Sick (2017)

Posted by Gui on July 27, 2017

Review 120min Genre:       Comedy, Drama, Romance Director:    Michael Showalter Cast:         Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter…and more Writers:     Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani -Synopsis- American comedic star and writer Kumail Nanjiani teams up with co-writer and wife Emily V. Gordon to bring their autobiographical comedy to the screen—the story of a Pakistani immigrant and […]

Hounds of Love (2017)

Posted by Gui on July 26, 2017

Review 108min Genre:     Crime, Drama, Horror Director:  Ben Young Cast:       Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings, Stephen Curry…and more Writer:    Ben Young -Synopsis- After being abducted on the quiet streets of Australian suburbia by a perverted couple, a young girl is subjected to horrendous exploitation and sexual abuse, but begins to exploit a relationship rift between her […]

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

Posted by Gui on July 17, 2017

Review 140min Genre:     Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi Director:  Matt Reeves Cast:       Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Amiah Miller…and more Writers:   Mark Bomback, Matt Reeves, Rick Jaffa… and more -Synopsis- After the devastation suffered by both sides in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, Caesar is torn between a duty to lead his nation of super-apes […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Posted by Gui on July 6, 2017

Review 133min Genre:     Comic-book, Action, Adventure Director:  Jon Watts Cast:       Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton…and more Writers:   Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jon Watts… and more -Synopsis- After entering the superhero fray during the ‘Avengers’ family quarrel, ‘Peter Parker’ struggles to balance his powers with new-found responsibility while navigating the treacherous waters of […]

Destination Unknown (2017)

Posted by Gui on June 15, 2017

Review 81min Genre:      Documentary Director:   Claire Ferguson Cast:        Ed Mosberg, Helen Sternlicht, Frank Blaichman…and more Writer:     Jonathan Key -Synopsis- Twelve Polish Jewish survivors of the Holocaust recount their harrowing and disparate experiences of the ‘Third Reich’s’ cruelty, as director Claire Ferguson combines extraordinary archival footage with deeply personal testimony, painting a moving portrait of […]

Lady Macbeth (2017)

Posted by Gui on April 30, 2017

Review 89min Genre:       Drama Director:    William Oldroyd Cast:         Florence Pugh, Christopher Fairbank, Cosmo Jarvis…and more Writers:     Nikolai Leskov and Alice Birch -Synopsis- Bought and effectively held prisoner by her domineering new older husband and his equally imposing father at their rural English estate, a young bride boldly breaks free of her chains and gives in […]

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Posted by Gui on April 16, 2017

Review 134min Genre:       Drama Director:    Milos Forman Cast:         Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Will Sampson…and more Writers:     Lawrence Hauben, Bo Goldman and Ken Kesey -Synopsis- When mischievous and free-spirited troublemaker ‘R.P. McMurphy’ is transferred from the big house to the ‘nut house’ for evaluation, he forms an unlikely bond with the troubled residents and riles up […]

The Handmaiden (2016) (Korean & Japanese Language)

Posted by Gui on April 13, 2017

Review 144min Genre:     Drama, Mystery, Romance Director:  Park Chan-wook Cast:       Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo…and more Writers:   Jeong Seo-kyeong, Park Chan-wook and Sarah Waters -Synopsis- Acclaimed South Korean writer/director Park Chan-wook’s (Oldboy, Thirst) sexually charged period drama set in early 20th-century occupied Korea, where a young Korean woman’s plan to defraud a beautiful Japanese heiress […]

Neruda (2016) (Spanish Language)

Posted by Gui on April 5, 2017

Review 107min Genre:       Fact-based, Crime, Drama Director:    Pablo Larraín Cast:         Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Mercedes Morán…and more Writer:      Guillermo Calderón -Synopsis- Director Pablo Larraín’s unique fictional detective-thriller treatment of the story of Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet and communist party politician Pablo Neruda, who was persecuted by the government when a right-leaning administration took power […]

Graduation (2016) (Romanian Language)

Posted by Gui on March 30, 2017

Review 128min Genre:       Crime, Drama Director:    Cristian Mungiu Cast:         Adrian Titieni, Maria-Victoria Dragus, Rares Andrici…and more Writer:      Cristian Mungiu -Synopsis- After his teenage daughter is mysteriously attacked before a series of important exams— a responsible and respected doctor compromises his ethics to ensure his only child’s future, only to painfully realise he can’t control everything […]

Aquarius (2016) (Portuguese Language)

Posted by Gui on March 22, 2017

Review 146min Genre:     Drama Director:  Kleber Mendonça Filho Cast:       Sonia Braga, Humberto Carrão, Zoraide Coleto…and more Writer:    Kleber Mendonça Filho -Synopsis- Sonia Braga stars as a well-to-do widower and retiree in northeastern Brazil, whose quiet later years are turned into a pitch battle against a company intent on demolishing and re-developing a building she […]

Get Out (2017)

Posted by Gui on March 17, 2017

Review 104min Genre:       Horror, Mystery Director:    Jordan Peele Cast:         Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford…and more Writer:      Jordan Peele -Synopsis- When a young black man heads on a trip to meet his white girlfriend’s well-to-do family, his only concern seems to be whether he’ll be accepted by them—but when it becomes clear that not everything […]

Gleason (2016)

Posted by Gui on March 15, 2017

Review 110min Genre:       Documentary Director:    Clay Tweel Cast:         Steve Gleason, Michel Varisco-Gleason, Rivers Gleason…more Writer:      Clay Tweel -Synopsis- A candid chronicle of the life of former professional American Football player Steve Gleason after he’s diagnosed with ALS (motor neurone disease) at the age of 34; as he begins a video diary to capture his essence […]

Elle (2016) (French Language)

Posted by Gui on March 6, 2017

Review 130min Genre:     Drama, Mystery, Thriller Director:  Paul Verhoeven Cast:       Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny…and more Writers:   David Birke, Philippe Djian and Harold Manning -Synopsis- Isabelle Huppert stars a successful and uncompromising video-game company boss who engages in a dangerous game with the masked stranger who sexually assaulted her at home, exposing the disturbing […]

Logan (2017)

Posted by Gui on March 4, 2017

Review 137min Genre:       Comic-Book, Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi Director:    James Mangold Cast:         Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen…and more Writers:     James Mangold , Scott Frank and Michael Green -Synopsis- In a bleak future where mutant-kind is almost extinct and a shadowy organisation led by a ruthless individual threatens what’s left; a fading ‘Professor’ X must […]

Fences (2016)

Posted by Gui on February 15, 2017

Review 139min Genre:      Drama Director:   Denzel Washington Cast:        Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Jovan Adepo …and more Writer:     August Wilson -Synopsis- Denzel Washington directs an adaptation of the award-winning August Wilson play in which he once starred, recounting the story of a former Baseball star turned city garbage collector, battling his inner demons and struggling to […]

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

Posted by Gui on February 8, 2017

Review 103min Genre:      Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Comic-book, Family Director:   Chris McKay Cast:        Will Arnett, Rosario Dawson, Zach Galifianakis…and more Writers:    Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers… more -Synopsis- Basking in his glory of the saviour of Gotham City, ‘Bruce Wayne’ is faced with his greatest challenge yet… change. Now saddled with new responsibilities and facing […]

Toni Erdmann (2016) (German Language)

Posted by Gui on February 5, 2017

Review 162min Genre:      Comedy, Drama Director:   Maren Ade Cast:        Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek, Michael Wittenborn… more Writer:     Maren Ade -Synopsis- In a bid to reconnect with his estranged and successful business executive daughter; a self-styled German man travels across Europe and employs his bizarre tactics to try and reach his motivated but detached progeny in […]

La La Land (2016)

Posted by Gui on January 1, 2017

Review 128min Genre:        Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance Director:     Damien Chazelle Cast:          Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend…and more Writer:       Damien Chazelle -Synopsis- Writer/director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) takes his Jazz sensibilities to Tinseltown in an all-singing, all-dancing musical dramedy, starring Ryan Gosling as a jazz musician who falls for Emma Stone’s aspiring young actress in L.A. […]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Posted by Gui on December 29, 2016

Review 133min Genre:     Action, Adventure, Sci-fi Director:  Gareth Edwards Cast:       Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn…and more Writers:   Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy, John Knoll… and more -Synopsis- The first of the Disney era Star Wars “Anthology” films and a spinoff/prequel to the beloved series in a galaxy far, far away; set before the events of […]

The Wailing (2016) (Korean Language)

Posted by Gui on November 24, 2016

Review 156min Genre:      Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Director:   Hong-jin Na Cast:        Do Won Kwak, Jun Kunimura, Woo-hee Chun…and more Writer:     Hong-jin Na -Synopsis- When a series of grisly murders and a related mysterious sickness devastate an unsuspecting modern-day South Korean village; an inept and comically cowardly local cop must unravel the mystery of the dark […]

Doctor Strange (2016)

Posted by Gui on October 26, 2016

Review 115min Genre:     Comic-book, Action, Adventure, Fantasy Director:  Scott Derrickson Cast:       Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen…more Writers:   Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill -Synopsis- After an accident ends his high-flying medical career; a egotistical self-styled surgeon sets out on a globe-trotting journey of healing and discovery, only to find hidden dimensions of magic […]

Lion (2016)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 18, 2016

129min Genre:      Fact-based, Drama Director:   Garth Davis Cast:        Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar, Nicole Kidman…and more Writers:    Saroo Brierley, Larry Buttrose, Luke Davies -Synopsis- Biographical drama based on the true story of Saroo Brierley; a poor 5-year-old Indian boy who was separated from his family and became one of India’s many street children a thousand miles […]

A Monster Calls (2016)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 7, 2016

108min Genre:     Animation, Drama, Fantasy Director:  J.A. Bayona Cast:       Lewis MacDougall, Felicity Jones, Sigourney Weaver…and more Writers:   Patrick Ness and Siobhan Dowd -Synopsis- “Conor” is a 12-year-old boy and yet clearly the man of the house, self-sufficient and a carer for his ailing young single mother; but when life’s struggles begin to take their toll, […]

Hell or High Water (2016)

Posted by Gui on September 7, 2016

Review 102min Genre:       Crime, Drama Director:    David Mackenzie Cast:         Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges…and more Writer:      Taylor Sheridan -Synopsis- In an effort to save their family home and protect their loved ones; two small-town Texas brothers take revenge on the ruthless banks that wronged them by executing a series of dangerous heists, but their […]

When Marnie Was There (2014)

Posted by Gui on July 29, 2016

Review 103min Genre:      Animation, Drama, Family, Mystery Director:   Hiromasa Yonebayashi Cast:        Sara Takatsuki, Kasumi Arimura, Susumu Terajima…and more Writers:    Joan G. Robinson, Keiko Niwa, Masashi Ando… and more -Synopsis- A demure, socially anxious and emotionally detached teenage girl is sent on a Japanese countryside stay with relatives by her adoptive mother; only to be drawn […]

Embrace of the Serpent (2015) (Spanish & other languages)

Posted by Gui on June 10, 2016

Review 124min Genre:       Fact-based, Adventure, Drama Director:    Ciro Guerra Cast:         Brionne Davis, Jan Bijvoet, Nilbio Torres…and more Writers:     Ciro Guerra, Theodor Koch-Grunberg… and more -Synopsis- In early 20th Century South American rainforests; an American biologist enlists the help of an old indigenous isolated Amazonian shaman, to recreate a journey he took 40 years earlier with […]

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Posted by Gui on April 30, 2016

Review 147min Genre:      Comic-book, Action, Adventure Directors:  Anthony Russo and Joe Russo Cast:        Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson…more Writers:    Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Mark Millar …more -Synopsis- An ideological disagreement between Iron Man and Captain America about how to best protect humanity, which surfaced in ‘Age of Ultron’, turns into an open battle […]

Son of Saul (2015) (Hungarian, German & other languages)

Posted by Gui on April 28, 2016

Review 107min Genre:      Drama, War, Thriller Director:   László Nemes Cast:        Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár, Urs Rechn…and more Writers:    László Nemes and Clara Royer -Synopsis- In Auschwitz at the height of the Holocaust; a Hungarian member of the “Sonderkommando“, a special unit of Jewish prisoners forced to assist in running the Nazi death-camps, finds solemn purpose […]

Anomalisa (2015) (English Language)

Posted by Gui on March 10, 2016

Review 90min Genre:       Animation, Comedy, Drama Directors:   Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman Cast:         David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan…more Writer:      Charlie Kaufman -Synopsis- Emotionally disconnected and jaded by life, a middle-aged customer services consultant guru finds a rare human connection with a young woman while on a business trip. But is young Lisa his […]