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L’Amant Double (2017) (French Language)

Posted by Gui on June 2, 2018

Review 107min Genre:     Drama, Romance, Thriller Director:  François Ozon Cast:       Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier, Jacqueline Bisset…and more Writers:   François Ozon and Joyce Carol Oates -Synopsis- A fragile and beautiful young woman falls for her psychologist, only to be caught in a paranoid web of seduction and deceit when she discovers there may be more to […]

The Square (2017) (Swedish & Danish Language)

Posted by Gui on March 16, 2018

Review 151min Genre:        Comedy, Drama Director:     Ruben Östlund Cast:          Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Christopher Læssø…and more Writer:       Ruben Östlund -Synopsis- Set in modern day Sweden and the self-important world of modern art; a successful and liberal museum curator has his sensibilities and preconceptions challenged by an unexpected incident and his latest exhibition, unleashing confronting […]

Let the Corpses Tan (2017) (French Language)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 27, 2017

Review 92min Genre:       Crime, Thriller Directors:   Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani Cast:         Marc Barbé, Stéphane Ferrara, Bernie Bonvoisin…and more Writers:     Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, Jean-Pierre Bastid -Synopsis- When a violent armed gang plans a heist in sunny Southern France and lifts 250 kilograms of gold, they seem to have found the […]

Sicilian Ghost Story (2017) (Italian Language)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 15, 2017

Review 122min Genre:       Crime, Drama, Romance Directors:   Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza Cast:         Julia Jedlikowska, Gaetano Fernandez, Sabine Timoteo…more Writers:     Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza, Marco Mancassola -Synopsis- In picturesque rural Northern Sicily, a teenage boy and son of a local Mafia boss-turned-stool pigeon mysteriously disappears, only for his determined young girlfriend to defy the indifference […]

Ava (2017) (French Language)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 15, 2017

Review 105min Genre:       Drama, Romance Director:    Léa Mysius Cast:         Noée Abita, Juan Cano, Laure Calamy…and more Writers:     Léa Mysius and Paul Guilhaume -Synopsis- When 13-year-old loner ‘Ava’ is hit with the prospect of the impending loss of her eyesight while on a French beachside vacation with her family, the spirited teen decides to accelerate her […]

Blade of the Immortal (2017) (Japanese Language)

Posted by Gui on October 14, 2017

Review 140min Genre:     Action, Adventure, Drama Director:  Takashi Miike Cast:       Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki, Sôta Fukushi…and more Writers:   Hiroaki Samura and Tetsuya Oishi -Synopsis- In the hope of regaining his soul and finally achieving inner peace, a skilled but cursed and cranky immortal Samurai agrees to help a young girl avenge her parents, murdered by […]

Loveless (2017) (Russian Language)- BFI London Film Festival 2017

Posted by Gui on October 10, 2017

Review 127min Genre:       Drama Director:    Andrey Zvyagintsev Cast:         Maryana Spivak, Aleksey Rozin, Aleksey Fateev…and more Writers:     Andrey Zvyagintsev and Oleg Negin -Synopsis- A feuding self-centred couple—intent on moving on with their individual lives after their imminent divorce—are confronted by their own loveless upbringing and the neglectful treatment of their young son after he mysteriously disappears, […]

The Odyssey (2016) (French and English Language)

Posted by Gui on August 18, 2017

Review 122min Genre:      Fact-based, Adventure, Drama Director:   Jérôme Salle Cast:        Lambert Wilson, Pierre Niney, Audrey Tautou…and more Writers:    Jérôme Salle, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Albert Falco… and more -Synopsis- A biographical drama about the life and times of legendary French filmmaker, pioneer and oceanic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau—from his self-centred ambition to conquer the seas to his duty […]

Slack Bay (2016) (French Language)

Posted by Gui on June 20, 2017

Review 122min Genre:       Comedy Director:    Bruno Dumont Cast:         Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche, Brandon Lavieville…more Writer:      Bruno Dumont -Synopsis- In early 20th century coastal Northern France, a duo of self-styled detectives gather to investigate a spate of mysterious disappearances, which may unravel a conspiracy involving the resident eccentric aristocratic family and the ordinary local boatsmen in […]

Frantz (2016) (French & German Language)

Posted by Gui on May 11, 2017

Review 113min Genre:      Drama, War Director:   François Ozon Cast:        Pierre Niney, Paula Beer, Anton von Lucke…and more Writers:    François Ozon, Philippe Piazzo and Ernst Lubitsch -Synopsis- Set in 1919 during the aftermath of World War I, a grieving young German woman develops a complex relationship with a young Frenchman who mysteriously lays flowers at the […]

The Handmaiden (2016) (Korean & Japanese Language)

Posted by Gui on April 13, 2017

Review 144min Genre:     Drama, Mystery, Romance Director:  Park Chan-wook Cast:       Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, Ha Jung-woo…and more Writers:   Jeong Seo-kyeong, Park Chan-wook and Sarah Waters -Synopsis- Acclaimed South Korean writer/director Park Chan-wook’s (Oldboy, Thirst) sexually charged period drama set in early 20th-century occupied Korea, where a young Korean woman’s plan to defraud a beautiful Japanese heiress […]

Neruda (2016) (Spanish Language)

Posted by Gui on April 5, 2017

Review 107min Genre:       Fact-based, Crime, Drama Director:    Pablo Larraín Cast:         Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Mercedes Morán…and more Writer:      Guillermo Calderón -Synopsis- Director Pablo Larraín’s unique fictional detective-thriller treatment of the story of Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet and communist party politician Pablo Neruda, who was persecuted by the government when a right-leaning administration took power […]

Graduation (2016) (Romanian Language)

Posted by Gui on March 30, 2017

Review 128min Genre:       Crime, Drama Director:    Cristian Mungiu Cast:         Adrian Titieni, Maria-Victoria Dragus, Rares Andrici…and more Writer:      Cristian Mungiu -Synopsis- After his teenage daughter is mysteriously attacked before a series of important exams— a responsible and respected doctor compromises his ethics to ensure his only child’s future, only to painfully realise he can’t control everything […]

Aquarius (2016) (Portuguese Language)

Posted by Gui on March 22, 2017

Review 146min Genre:     Drama Director:  Kleber Mendonça Filho Cast:       Sonia Braga, Humberto Carrão, Zoraide Coleto…and more Writer:    Kleber Mendonça Filho -Synopsis- Sonia Braga stars as a well-to-do widower and retiree in northeastern Brazil, whose quiet later years are turned into a pitch battle against a company intent on demolishing and re-developing a building she […]

The Salesman (2016) (Persian Language)

Posted by Gui on March 16, 2017

Review 125min Genre:      Drama, Mystery Director:   Asghar Farhadi Cast:        Taraneh Alidoosti, Shahab Hosseini, Babak Karimi…and more Writer:     Asghar Farhadi -Synopsis- Writer/director Asghar Farhadi (A Separation, The Past) recent Oscar-winning foreign language drama tells the story of the breakdown of a middle-class Iranian couple’s relationship after a mysterious and harrowing trauma, as they begin an amateur […]

Elle (2016) (French Language)

Posted by Gui on March 6, 2017

Review 130min Genre:     Drama, Mystery, Thriller Director:  Paul Verhoeven Cast:       Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny…and more Writers:   David Birke, Philippe Djian and Harold Manning -Synopsis- Isabelle Huppert stars a successful and uncompromising video-game company boss who engages in a dangerous game with the masked stranger who sexually assaulted her at home, exposing the disturbing […]

It’s Only the End of the World (2016) (French Language)

Posted by Gui on February 24, 2017

Review 97min Genre:       Drama Director:    Xavier Dolan Cast:         Gaspard Ulliel, Nathalie Baye, Vincent Cassel…and more Writers:     Xavier Dolan and Jean-Luc Lagarce -Synopsis- Young Canadian actor/writer/director Xavier Dolan’s French-language adaptation of Jean-Luc Lagarce’s stage-play, following a young gay writer’s return home to his estranged family as he’s faced with the issues that caused him to leave […]

Toni Erdmann (2016) (German Language)

Posted by Gui on February 5, 2017

Review 162min Genre:      Comedy, Drama Director:   Maren Ade Cast:        Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek, Michael Wittenborn… more Writer:     Maren Ade -Synopsis- In a bid to reconnect with his estranged and successful business executive daughter; a self-styled German man travels across Europe and employs his bizarre tactics to try and reach his motivated but detached progeny in […]

The Wailing (2016) (Korean Language)

Posted by Gui on November 24, 2016

Review 156min Genre:      Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Director:   Hong-jin Na Cast:        Do Won Kwak, Jun Kunimura, Woo-hee Chun…and more Writer:     Hong-jin Na -Synopsis- When a series of grisly murders and a related mysterious sickness devastate an unsuspecting modern-day South Korean village; an inept and comically cowardly local cop must unravel the mystery of the dark […]

Train to Busan (2016) (Korean Language)

Posted by Gui on October 28, 2016

Review 118min Genre:      Action, Horror, Thriller Director:   Sang-ho Yeon Cast:        Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim, Yu-mi Jeong…and more Writer:     Sang-ho Yeon -Synopsis- The passengers on a high-speed South Korean train are inadvertently caught up in a “Zombie” apocalypse when a virulent virus quickly spreads across the country; but far from their coffin, the train proves their […]

Layla M. (2016) (Dutch Language)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 27, 2016

110min Genre:      Drama Director:   Mijke de Jong Cast:        Nora El Koussour, Ilias Addab…and more Writers:    Jan Eilander and Mijke de Jong -Synopsis- Living in modern-day Amsterdam, “Layla” is a smart and stubborn but angry and resentful Dutch-born Muslim teenager, whose devotion to Islam puts her on a path towards radicalisation; only for her ideals to […]

The Untamed (2016) (Spanish Language)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 16, 2016

100min Genre:      Drama, Mystery Director:   Amat Escalante Cast:        Simone Bucio, Ruth Ramos, Jesus Meza…and more Writers:    Amat Escalante and Gibrán Portela -Synopsis- The lives of different people in modern day Mexico are irrevocably changed by chance meetings and a mysterious supernatural force, which unleashes their raw sexuality and unlocks their innermost desires, but there’s a […]

Wild (German Language) (2016)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 10, 2016

97min Genre:       Drama Director:    Nicolette Krebitz Cast:         Lilith Stangenberg, Georg Friedrich, Pit Bukowski…and more Writer:      Nicolette Krebitz -Synopsis- Tired of a lonely and mundane existence as an office assistant in German suburbia;  a young lady’s life takes a drastic turn when a chance encounter with a wild Wolf becomes an unhealthy obsession, mushrooming into a […]

Zoology (Russian Language) (2016)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 8, 2016

83min Genre:      Comedy, Drama Director:    Ivan I. Tverdovskiy Cast:         Natalya Pavlenkova, Dmitriy Groshev, Irina Chipizhenko…more Writer:      Ivan I. Tverdovskiy -Synopsis- When Natasha randomly and bizarrely grows a considerable tail; the life of this lonely demure Russian zookeeper begins to drastically change as a newfound sense of freedom and a second adolescence beckons in this darkly […]

Heal the Living (French Language) (2016)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 7, 2016

103min Genre:      Drama Director:   Katell Quillévéré Cast:        Emmanuelle Seigner, Tahar Rahim, Anne Dorval…and more Writers:    Maylis De Kerangal, Katell Quillévéré, Gilles Taurand -Synopsis- When a teenage surfer is left clinically brain-dead from a horrific car accident, his distraught parents have a heart-wrenching decision to make regarding the imminent next step; the outcome of which will […]

Ma’ Rosa (2016) (Filipino Language) (2016)- BFI London Film Festival 2016

Posted by Gui on October 7, 2016

110min Genre:      Crime, Drama Director:   Brillante Mendoza Cast:        Jaclyn Jose, Julio Diaz, Baron Geisler…and more Writer:     Troy Espiritu -Synopsis- From her humble convenience store in the slums of Manila, tough family matriarch “Ma’ Rosa” sells everything from household goods to food… and of course plenty of methamphetamine or “ice”. But when she’s rumbled by corrupt […]

Elle Trailer #1

Posted by Gui on September 5, 2016

Isabelle Huppert stars a successful and uncompromising video-game company boss, who engages in a dangerous game with the stranger who assaulted her at home in this French thriller from Dutch genre master Paul Verhoeven. Directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Isabelle Huppert, Christian Berkel and Anne Consigny among others. Genre: Drama, Thriller UK Release: 24th […]

Julieta (2016) (Spanish Language)

Posted by Gui on August 27, 2016

Review 99min Genre:      Drama Director:   Pedro Almodóvar Cast:        Emma Suárez, Adriana Ugarte, Daniel Grao…and more Writers:    Pedro Almodóvar and Alice Munro -Synopsis- A solemn middle-aged Spanish woman is confronted with her past and forced to re-live the traumatic events which caused a strained and estranged relationship with her daughter, in a return to female-centric relationship […]

From Afar (2016) (Spanish Language)

Posted by Gui on July 6, 2016

Review 93min Genre:      Drama Director:   Lorenzo Vigas Cast:        Alfredo Castro, Luis Silva, Jericó Montilla…and more Writers:    Lorenzo Vigas and Guillermo Arriaga -Synopsis- A complex Venezuelan drama and “Golden Lion” winner at last year’s Venice Film Festival,  about a psychologically troubled middle-aged man who seeks solace in the company of young men, when an encounter with […]

Embrace of the Serpent (2015) (Spanish & other languages)

Posted by Gui on June 10, 2016

Review 124min Genre:       Fact-based, Adventure, Drama Director:    Ciro Guerra Cast:         Brionne Davis, Jan Bijvoet, Nilbio Torres…and more Writers:     Ciro Guerra, Theodor Koch-Grunberg… and more -Synopsis- In early 20th Century South American rainforests; an American biologist enlists the help of an old indigenous isolated Amazonian shaman, to recreate a journey he took 40 years earlier with […]

Suburra (2015) (Italian Language)

Posted by Gui on May 12, 2016

Review 130min Genre:      Crime, Drama Director:   Stefano Sollima Cast:        Pierfrancesco Favino, Greta Scarano, Alessandro Borghi…more Writers:    Giancarlo De Cataldo, Carlo Bonini, Stefano Rulli… and more -Synopsis- In recession-hit politically unstable 2011 Italy; the worlds of politicians, crime families and the Catholic church collide as the dream of building a “Las Vegas” on the shores of […]

Son of Saul (2015) (Hungarian, German & other languages)

Posted by Gui on April 28, 2016

Review 107min Genre:      Drama, War, Thriller Director:   László Nemes Cast:        Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár, Urs Rechn…and more Writers:    László Nemes and Clara Royer -Synopsis- In Auschwitz at the height of the Holocaust; a Hungarian member of the “Sonderkommando“, a special unit of Jewish prisoners forced to assist in running the Nazi death-camps, finds solemn purpose […]

Dheepan (2015) (Tamil & French language)

Posted by Gui on April 7, 2016

Review 115min Genre:       Crime, Drama Director:    Jacques Audiard Cast:         Jesuthasan Antonythasan, Kalieaswari Srinivasan…and more Writers:     Jacques Audiard, Thomas Bidegain & Noé Debré -Synopsis- After escaping persecution in Sri Lanka, a refugee and his unorthodox family struggle to build a new life as caretakers in the dangerous suburbs of Paris in this Palme d’Or-winning drama from the […]

Victoria (2015) (German & English language)

Posted by Gui on March 31, 2016

Review 138min Genre:       Crime, Drama, Thriller Director:    Sebastian Schipper Cast:         Laia Costa, Frederick Lau, Franz Rogowski…and more Writers:     Sebastian Schipper, Olivia Neergaard-Holm… and more -Synopsis- On a night out; a lonely young Spanish girl sparks-up a potential romance and friendship with a Berliner and his rogue friends, but her hazy dream turns into a nightmare […]

Carlos The Jackal (2010) (English & other languages)

Posted by Gui on September 2, 2015

Review 165min Genre:     Fact-based, Crime, Drama Director:  Olivier Assayas Cast:       Édgar Ramírez, Alexander Scheer, Fadi Abi Samra…and more Writers:   Olivier Assayas and Dan Franck Adapted from the award-winning TV mini-series and based on a real but disputed story, ‘Carlos The Jackal’ is the extraordinary tale of how a Venezuelan Marxist-Leninist aligned himself with global revolutionary […]

The Salt of the Earth (2014) (English, French & Portuguese Language)

Posted by Gui on July 22, 2015

Review 110min Genre:      Documentary Directors:  Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Cast:        Sebastião Salgado, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado…and more Writers:    Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and David Rosier Powerful documentary chronicling the life and work of renown Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado as he recounts 40 years of travelling the globe and capturing the human condition and […]

The Look of Silence (2014) (Indonesian Language)

Posted by Gui on June 14, 2015

Review 103min Genre:    Documentary Director: Joshua Oppenheimer Writer:   Joshua Oppenheimer Award-winning US director Joshua Oppenheimer heads a Danish documentary production chronicling an Indonesian man’s efforts to make sense of the Indonesian political “killings” (or genocide) of 1965-66 which brutally claimed the lives of between 500 thousand and 1 million people, one of which happened to […]

Timbuktu (2014) (Bambara, Arabic & French Language)

Posted by Gui on May 29, 2015

Review 97min Genre:    Drama Director: Abderrahmane Sissako Cast:      Ibrahim Ahmed, Abel Jafri, Toulou Kiki…and more Writers : Abderrahmane Sissako & Kessen Tall On the West-African sands and plains of Mali, a small family of cattle-herders and an entire town struggle to cope with the Islamic fundamentalists that have brought so-called “Jihad” to their doorstep, as […]

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2015) (Persian Language)

Posted by Gui on May 27, 2015

Review 101min Genre:    Horror, Drama, Romance Director: Ana Lily Amirpour Cast:      Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Mozhan Marnò …and more Writer:   Ana Lily Amirpour On the dark and desolate streets of the “Iranian” town of “Bad City”, young Arash is stuck in a life surrounded by loneliness and sin when he forms an unlikely relationship with […]

Cannes 2015- Awards

Posted by Gui on May 24, 2015

Another 2 weeks of glamour and media frenzy comes to an end at the French Riviera, oh and there was also a film festival there apparently, tonight the 68th annual Cannes International Film Festival culminates with the announcement of this year’s “Feature Film” prizewinners, including the prestigious ultimate award the Palme d’Or. The awarding jury […]